8th Grade Activities



Date: Thursday, June 16, 2016
Time: 9:30am 
Location: Hughes Athletic Field 

Each 8th grader is encouraged to invite only two guests. Because of the large number of 8th graders, if necessary, parents and/or guests will be asked to stand behind the area designated for student seating. The ceremony will take place on the athletic field near the southwest baseball diamond. Parking will be available on Cerritos Avenue and Bixby Road. Please do not park in the faculty parking lot. The lot will be secured at 9:00am and you will not be able to exit. Guests will enter at the Cerritos or Bixby pedestrian entrances. As balloons obstruct the view of others, they will not be allowed in the general seating area. Students will be seated in assigned seats according to their 1st period classes. At the conclusion of the ceremony students will be dismissed to pick up their promotional certificates. Report cards will be mailed home. Students will not be allowed on the main part of the campus. Student dress should reflect the seriousness and formality of the ceremony. Neither T-shirts nor jeans are appropriate. No strapless dresses. Spaghetti strap dresses may only be worn with a jacket or cover. Students with outstanding fines will not receive their promotional certificates or report cards until fines are cleared.

Please note: Siblings of students being promoted will only be excused out of class with a pass from the attendance office. Any students without a pass will be returned to class.