8th Grade Activities

Gavel Day Picnic

Date: Wednesday, June 15, 2016
Time: 1:03pm to 3:20pm 
Location: Hughes Athletic Field 

Only 8th grade students may attend. Drinks will be provided by the PTA. The school yearbook, The Gavel  Yearbook will be available to purchase during this week. Students may bring bag lunches. Food may not be delivered to students at the office. Food may be delivered at the Bixby gate during the picnic which will be supervised by teachers. Box lunches may be ordered in advance from the cafeteria. Radios, beach towels, and blankets are allowed. Items may not be stored in the office. Uniforms are not required, but clothing must conform to school dress standards. Hats are allowed during the picnic only. No tank tops, bathing suits, etc. Inappropriately dressed students will be excluded from the picnic. For your enjoyment, a DJ will be at the picnic.