Mrs. Thursby

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Art 6

This course concentrates on the elements of art, which is the foundation for all artwork. Due to the variation of time, Two- and Three- dimensional art projects should be introduced according to the ...more

Art 7

Students interested in continuing the study of art will experiment with many two- and three- dimensional art forms, such as drawing, painting, perspective, and three-dimensional art building upon the ...more

Advanced Art 8

Each semester is organized around new materials and new projects selected by the teacher, using progressively more advanced techniques in two- and three- dimensional art forms. Emphasis is placed on ...more

Arts and Crafts Show

Mark you calendars for May 23rd, 2015 when Hughes will hold the 16th annual Arts and Crafts Show in the auditoriumn and cafeteria. This is the same night as open house. Two Hundred ribbons will be awarded for art work and wood work courtesy of our generous PTA. See you there!