Counseling Services

Counselors:  Aaron Borja & Michelle Koga 

Counseling Mission:
To support the academic career, and personal/social development of every student, everyday.

Counseling Vision: All students reach their full potential as contributing members of society.  Confidentiality: Counselors will honor requests that personal information be kept private.  However, disclosure of any information regarding abuse, neglect, harm to self or harm to others will be communicated to proper personnel to help the student.  

If a student has issues, we have tissues!


Conflict Resolution

Family Issues

Self Esteem Attendance


Study Skills



Personal Relationships


Social Skills

Severe Illness of Loved One

Peer Pressure    

Student Support Services

  • Individual and group counseling
  • Crisis prevention
  • Attendance counseling
  • Collaboration with teachers
  • Career exploration
  • Coordinating Services
  • Referrals to local agencies 

 How do students access services?

  • Students request to see the counselor
  • Teachers make referrals
  • Parents request counseling
  • Learning Directors refer students
  • Counselor calls in students to check-in
  • Counselor facilitates group counseling or after school clubs


Parent Education and Information

  • Involving parents in the student's counseling program
  • Engaging parents in school and community activities
  • Providing Parent Nights
  • Working with families to improve student learning and development
  • Coordinating services to assist families in addressing barriers to learning
  • Communicating via meetings, online, and publications.