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Mr. & Mrs. Gollner

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Mrs. Gollner

Final Days of the School Year



All 66 students who attended Thursday, 5/18 make ups and all 63 students who attended for Friday, 5/26 make ups points have been added into your grade. Read the comments box of each assignment to see where the points you earned were applied.


Students have been told all quarter how many make up days were left and now we are finally at the time of the year where there are no more make ups. As explained in class to all students since the beginning of 4th quarter, students will still have assignments until the final day of school but if they are absent or earn low scores they will not be allowed to attend make ups to improve their grade.


Remember your most current grade is posted on school loop. If you have specific questions about your grade select the blue link titled progress report next to your grade which will explain your grade in more detail. Don't understand or remember what an assignment was all about, click on any assignment and read the assignment description.

Non-Suit Policy

Here is a quick reminder about our non-suit policy at Hughes:

1st non-suit is free

2nd non-suit is a warning

3rd non-suit is a drop in conduct grade, a 10 minute lunch detention, and a parent/guardian phone call home

4th non-suit is another drop in conduct grade, a 15 minute lunch detention, and a parent/guardian phone call home

5th non-suit is a 3rd drop in conduct grade, a 20 minute lunch detention, and a referral to grade level administrator


This non-suit policy was reviewed with students again at the begin of the second semester. Students are reminded that a drop in conduct grade doesn't mean that all students are an E to begin the drop in grade. In order to earn an E in conduct a student must be excellent in all their efforts and all their actions everyday. Students were also reminded that in order to purchase new P.E. clothes from their P.E. teacher that an appointment must be made 24 hours in advance with new shirts costing $8 and new shorts costing $12 or used clothes could be purchased for $1 each, (while supplies last).


Last day for students to dress for P.E. is Tuesday, June 6th.

Make Up Policy

Make ups were held almost every Friday after school from 3:45 to 4:15 p.m. Students needed to sign up in class in order to attend make ups and also needed to know what assignment they were making up. Students who wanted to earn extra credit, earn a higher grade on an assignment, etc. could have also signed up to attend make ups. Make ups began promptly at 3:45 p.m. Given the nature of our timed runs, students not on time would have had to attend make ups the following week.

P.E. Grade

Check your P.E. grade at least once a week, make up lost points, missing assignments, or low scores. Remember that you can make up any assignment as many times as you want until you get the grade you want.


Not sure what an assignment is on school loop? Click on the assignment and read the assignment description.


Remember I don't give you a grade, you EARN your grade.

2016 - 2017

7th grade Physical Education curriculum focuses on individual sports, dual sports, and fitnessgram training/testing.


Mrs. Gollner's Schedule

Period 1 - 7th grade

Period 2 - 7th grade

Period 3 - 7th grade

Period 4 - Lunch

Period 5 - Conference

Period 6 - 7th grade

Period 7 - 7th grade


Contact Information

(562) 595-0831 ext. 5002


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Riding our Harleys

2016 Summer Alaska Trip

Mrs. Gollner Locker

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