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Cupid Shuffle Dance Article

Cupid Shuffle Follow-Up Article

Written by: Susan Mirzazadeh

February 14, 2013 was a fun Valentine’s Day for many people who attended Hughes Middle School's "Cupid Shuffle" dance. When I asked the question "What do you think of the dance?", everyone said they were having a great time.

Many clubs attended and sold food, candies, or drinks. Philp, an 8th grade boy said, "It is really good [at the dance]and it's helping other clubs." Japanime Club sold heart candy bracelets and chocolate lollipops (which were creamy, rich, sweet and very good), and with a purchase you got a free origami heart. Polynesian Club sold candy bars, varieties of cracker treats, popcorn, chips, hot dogs, tacos with great flavor, and sweet, juicy shaved ice. Polynesian club also had "Coconut Bowl", where you knocked down cups with a real coconut! Green Team sold chocolate cover Oreos with sprinkles (which were rich, creamy, crunchy and delicious), chocolate covered marshmallows with sprinkles, cards and cookie "gifts". Student Council sold cheesy pizza (“I LOVE THE PIZZA", said 8th grade Katie), chips, lemonade, and they had free water.

At the "Cupid Shuffle" there were songs such as "What Makes You Beautiful", "Thrift Shop", "Let Me Love You", "Die Young", "Beauty and a Beat", "Wobble", "Scream and Shout", "Cupid Shuffle, "I'm Sexy and I Know It", "Gangnam Style", and much, MUCH more! There were three times when everyone got in a closed circle to watch others have a "dance off". During group dances, such as the “Cupid Shuffle”, not only did the kids dance, but Ms. Campbell and Mr. Buggs were jammin' it out too. When a popular song went on, you would see smiles and laughs all around the room.

Some people like Cassidy, a 6th grader were so amazed all she could say was "fun". Bryce, a 7th grader, who is our social and creativity commissioner, said, "amazing" in awe. Kayla, a 6th grader said, "It's fun, [the "Cupid Shuffle" is] better then neon [dance] way better then neon.”

So, as you can see from the quotes our dances have been improving, until they are GREAT! Megan, a 7th grader said, “Fun, for being [my] first time.” So, make you to come to the next Hughes Middle School dance!

End of Testing Celebration Dance - Friday, May 17

End of Testing Celebration Dance - Friday, May 17

Friday, May 17, 2013, will be our End of Testing Celebration DanceThe dance begins at 3:00 p.m., and students must stay until the dance ends at 4:30 p.m. The cost for admission to the dance is $5.00, which includes light refreshments and a raffle ticket. Additional refreshements raffle tickets, and pizza slices may be purchased during the dance.

Tickets will be sold May 14-17 (Tuesday – Friday) during 4th period lunch in the quad and after school in room B-9 or 105.  Be sure to clear any library and book fines beforehand and make a copy of your 3rd quarter progress report card and a signed permission slip. REMEMBER: Students who have any F’s, U’s, or more than one D or N on the 3rd quarter report card will not be allowed to attend the dance. A student who does not meet the above requirements may not purchase a dance ticket.

We hope that students who have earned the privilege of attending the dance will come and have a wonderful time! Make sure to download the permission slip by clicking on the file in the email sent to your schoolloop email account or see Mr. Krstich (105), Simerlink (B9), or the main office for a permission slip.

Valentine Smencil Sale

Mint chocolate chip, ch-ch-cherry, Be Mine, Sweetheart, Strawberry Cream. Oh yeah!! Student Council will be selling Valentine smencils for one dollar during lunch in the quad area and in Mr. Simerlink (B9)  and Mr. Krstich's (105) room. By one for yourself, friend, parent, teacher, or that special someone.  So, get your scent on!

Come to the Cupid Shuffle

Student council is hosting the first dance of 2013 on Valentine's Day, Thursday, February 14 from 3-4:30pm in the Hughes gym.  Tickets are a bargain at only $5 which includes a free Smalentine pencil.  Tickets will be on sale during 4th and 5th period lunch in the quad and after school in rooms 105 and B9 from February 12-14.  Remember to pick up a permission slip from the office, online, or in room 105 and B9 prior to purchase of a ticket.  Permission slips will be available starting Thursday, February 7.  Hope to see you hipsters at the dance.

Way to Go Owls - 2,109 food items received

You did it Owls, over the course of two weeks you raised over 2,100  food items (canned and dry) for local Long Beach residents.  Thanks for your generosity, time, effort, and huge hearts both the Salvation Army and the local families will benefit from your act of kindness.  Also, congratulations on earning your free dress day on Friday, December 21.  Remember to follow the LBUSD clothing guidelines.  Thanks again for rising to the challenge and thinking of others.


Mr. Simerlink


The Hughes Food Drive is coming to a middle school near you, actually your middle school.  Hughes has partnered with The Salvation Army of Long Beach to assist families and individuals in need of canned and dry food goods.  Student council representatives will be in front of Hughes and in the PE quad area each morning from 7:45am - 8:10am and at both lunches in the lunch quad area to collect your donations.  Dr. Gregory has authorized a FREE DRESS day for all grade levels if we reach our school wide goal of 2,000 items.  Also, as an incentive for every three items donated you will receive a small prize.  The Food Drive will run two weeks, each week will offer a different small prize for each donation of three items.  So Owls, step it up and help out struggling families in the local Long Beach area by sifting through your kitchen or visiting a local grocery store.  Go Hughes!

Neon Dance Follow-Up Article

Neon Dance Follow-Up Article

By: Susan F. Mirzazadeh
Edited By: Ethan McCarthy

    The last dance at Hughes Middle School was a great event. The theme was 'Neon', a bunch of people seemed to like that! Cindy Le, an 8th grader said,"It was... brilliant. It had way more people then all my other years here, at Hughes, combined." Kids rocked out and had a great time! Some kids even danced the whole time!

    Many people danced and sang to fun songs that were played. Some of them were "Gangnam Style" by PSY,"What Makes You Beautiful" by One Direction (this one made people go CRAZY!), "Cha Cha Slide" by Mr.C, and much more! The songs even made some teachers dance! Shout out to Mrs.Van Divort and Mrs.Mackey!

    Not only did people dance and sing, but we had a performance from Polynesian club. Our student body president, Shank Vamanrav, dressed up as Stich from Lilo and Stich ! Also, our student body vice president, Terry Monette, also dressed up and gave a wonderful performance! It made people smile when they saw them dancing with the girls!

    The lemonade was also much better then the other years. People kept coming back for more! But, the tricky thing was they couldn't tell which was water ,and which was lemonade by looking at it! Student council died both neon colors! Katherine (Katie) Seamen said,"I LOVED THE PIZZA!" with a happy voice. And apparently alot of the other people thought so to, because all the pizza sold out after 15 minutes!

    The Neon dance was a great success, and many people thought so too. One girl said, "The dance was fun. They had good songs. I can't wait for the next dance. Student council did a great job...and their super awesome." So, next time, you should come to the dance too! You can have this much fun, if not more! See you then!