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7th Grade AVID Teacher
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7th Grade Elective Class


During the 7th grade, AVID students will be introduced to essential elements of the AVID program.  Students will be expected to maintain an AVID binder, track their grades and progress within their academic classes as well as their conduct marks and participate in tutorial sessions with college aides.  

The focus of 7th grade AVID is career choices.  Students will be given the opportunity to explore career choices that interest them and even some they did not know existed! They will create an in-depth analysis of one career in particular including an education pathway, internships and volunteer opportunities and salary ranges.

7th grade AVID students will also participate in several fundraising efforts.  AVID families are expected to participate in these events as well.  Our program is 100% reliant upon our fundraising efforts, so it is crucial that every student participate as much as possible.