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8th Grade AVID Teacher
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8th Grade Elective Class


During 8th grade, AVID students continue to build and refine essential AVID skills, continue to accelerate in honors classes and become model students within the classroom as well as school wide.  The focus of the 8th grade AVID is college.  Students examine the process of choosing a college, the application process, financing college, scholarships and deciding on a area of focus.  AVID provides students with exposure to actual college campuses by visiting two local universities per school year.

In the fall, AVID 8th graders will be assisted in the high school choice process.   This process is very competitive and AVID students examine multiple programs throughout the district based on their individual needs.

Students are also involved in various fundraising efforts to help support the AVID program.  Parents and families are encouraged to participate in these activities as well.  Our program is 100% reliant upon our fundraising efforts, so it is crucial that every student participate as much as possible.