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The Diabolo Master
Christian Ruiz

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Diabolos come to Hughes

The DiaboloFest, a hands-on P.E. assembly/workshop for Hughes’ 6th grade students, will take place on December 5th. The DiaboloFest highlights one of the oldest skill toys known to man, the diabolo.

The diabolo (comes from the Greek word meaning “to throw across”) is one of the oldest skill toys on earth, originating from China over 2000 years ago!  Playing diabolo builds on psychomotor skills, including timing, coordination, throwing and catching, while strengthening balance, rhythm, and reflexes; all necessary for mastering any sport!

All 6th grade P.E. classes will receive a 10-minute basic introduction followed by 15-20 minutes of hands-on training. Lastly, students will be dazzled by a 10-minute master performance by a diabolo professional. Afterwards, students will be given the opportunity to purchase a Diabolo Pro for $25 cash or check (payable to Jester Games). Sales are held from December 5th through December 22nd (while supplies last).

Students who purchase a diabolo, may play with it at Hughes before school and at lunchtime (on the blacktop only) until December 22nd. All other times the diabolo must remain in the students' backpack.

Included on the right are actual videos from past Diabolofest. Chris, the diabolo expert, performs many tricks that can be mastered after many hours of practice.

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