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Dress Code and LBUSD Guidelines

School Uniform Policy

Hughes Colors: Navy Blue/White/Light Blue 

We will continue the implementation of our school uniform policy.  Adherence to the uniform policy is required for attendance at Hughes. There is no doubt that the uniform policy reduces student misbehavior and allows us to focus on providing a meaningful instructional program for all students.  Thank you for your support of our efforts to provide a safe and orderly environment.  

  • Students must wear solid light blue, navy, or white collared shirts. Note: Plaids, stripes, sheer material, or other designs will not be allowed.
  • Navy blue pants, shorts, or skirts are permitted. Shorts must be just above the knees, within 2-4" above the knee. Blue jeans may be worn provided they are in good condition and free of logos and designs (no frays, tears, holes, etc.). Students may not wear sweats or athletic wear. Royal blue, turquoise, light baby blue, or white washed are not permitted.
  • Solid navy blue leggings may be worn under skirts or shorts. Legging-like pants or skinny jeans must have pockets.
  • Only solid white, blue, grey, or black sweaters, sweatshirts, and jackets will be allowed as outerwear. These must be logo-free.
  • Only white, blue, black, or grey undershirts may be worn.

LBUSD Guidelines for Parents and Students