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Nurse Services

Nurse: Jennifer Pouv

General Information: 
I am pleased to be the nurse at Hughes Middle School. I am on campus 
Monday through Friday from 8 am to 4 pm.

School Nurse Goals: 
The primary goal of the school nurse in Long Beach Unified School District is to ensure optimum health of students so that they are better able to attain their learning potentials. This includes the following services:
1. Early detection and follow-up of health problems. 2. Health counseling/anticipatory guidance and education. 3. Care of ill and injured students. 4. Identification and control of communicable diseases. 5. Assisting and planning appropriate educational placement of students. 6. Writing individualized health care plans and/or 504 health plans.

Guidelines to Keeping Student at Home: 
California Education Code 48211 states: School districts may exclude children of filthy or vicious habits or children suffering from contagious or infectious diseases.

Students should stay home if they have
A fever over 100 degrees by mouth 
Sores that are open or appear infected 
Any suspicious rashes 
Vomiting in the morning or since going to bed the night before 
Diarrhea in the morning or since going to bed the night before 
Persistent headache, stomachache, or earache 
Red eyes with discharge 
Head lice or nits 
Persistent cough, wheezing or breathing problems 
Not feeling well enough to participate in school activities

Please call the Attendance Office when your child is absent from school.

Physical Education Excuses: 
If a student needs to be excused from PE for more than 3 days, a written request from the doctor must be presented to the school nurse. Excuses for 3 days or less must be in writing from a parent. Any appliance (crutches, slings, casts, etc.) requires a note from a physician. Students are expected to dress and participate in PE unless their injury prohibits them.


Any student who needs to take medication during the school day MUST have a 'Medication At School' request form signed by their doctor on file. Students cannot carry medication with them at school without the proper documentation.