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Chorale Auditions

Chorale is an auditioned 32 voice, mixed ensemble that represents Hughes as our most advanced singing ensemble.  Auditions are open to all vocal and instrumental students during the first full week of school.  Students will be expected to sing "America," vocalize a scale and perform simple vocal memory exercise.


Concert Schedule

2016 - 2017

Most concerts are split into two start times.  The first is for our beginning choirs (both Junior classes and Junior Varsity) while the second time is for our advanced choirs (Varsity, Senior and Chorale).

October 18th        Fall Concert                 6:30 & 7:30 pm

December 20th    Winter Concert            6:30 & 7:30 pm

February 28th      Jazz Concert               7:00 pm

April 11th             Classics Concert          7pm (Cafeteria)

May 11th             Concert in the Park       5pm

June 6th              Spring Concert              6:30pm 

Performing Arts Locker
3/25/09 9:27 PM
8/24/16 3:59 PM
6/28/21 9:18 AM
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