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Athletic Wear Prices

Spirit Pins - $2

Spirit Patches - $2

Letterman's Patches - $5

Athletic Excellence Sweatshirts - $25

To make a purchase, see Mr. Gollner before school, at lunch time or after school in the boys' P.E. office. Go Hughes!

Hughes light gray hoodie
Hughes dark gray hoodie

Athletic Gear

Sweatshirts, patches and pins

Exclusively for athletes, Hughes now offers team sweatshirts, letterman patches, spirit pins and spirit patches. If you were on a sports team, including cross-country, you are eligible to purchase any of the following Hughes athletic gear:

  • Athletic Excellence Sweatshirts

These sweatshirts are made of the finest quality cotton fleece from Ouray Sportswear. This garment features Ouray's Heavy Nuvola Cotton Suede that sets the standard for softness and comfort. Sweatshirts come in both dark and light gray.

  • Letterman's Patches

These machine embroidered patches offer brilliant color and superb workmanship. Letterman's patches can be sewn on any garment but look extra special on Hughes athletic attire. Letterman patches measure 5" tall and make a great addition to you room decor and are suitable for framing.

  • Spirit Pins and Spirit Patches

These Swiss embroidered patches and golden metal sport emblems are made to attach to letterman's patches to signify the sport you played on. They are available in all sports and include a clutch back to keep them secure.

Hughes H patch
Hughes H emblem
Hughes light gray logo hoodie
Hughes dark gray logo hoodie