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The Research Process: Steps & Skills

The Research Process


This is a general outline of the steps in any research process.

See the activity below to help you understand what you do in each step.


  1. Form a research question


  3. Identify appropriate resources


  5. Gather information from resources


  7. Sort sift information


  9. Process information to derive meaning


  11. Create final product which communicates findings


  13. Evaluate the process


Your Task:

Plug the research skills into the process in all the places they occur.

You may use the research skills more than once!


 Research Skills


  • Outlining
  • Types of resources
  • Judge usefulness of resources
  • Judge validity of resources
  • Perform effective information searches (print, electronic)
  • Use of primary documents
  • Distinguish fact from opinion
  • Bibliography
  • Cite resources
  • Copyright ethics
  • Note-taking from resources
  • Support with evidence
  • Derive new ideas and/or draw inferences from evidence
  • Draw conclusions
  • Final product production: word processing, video production, multi-media, graphing, charting, illustrating, etc.
  • Effective communication (written, oral, etc) 


Created by: Diane Taylor, Karen Lima, and Erin Hill

Bancroft Middle School,  June 2002