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Searching Strategies Using Key Words

If you are going to Google, do it correctly or not at all!

Practice doing it correctly!

It is important that you develop excellent searching strategies when looking for information online or in an online library catalog.  Today we will practice identifying key words to make your searches more successful.  Successful searches give you results that are:

  • relevant to your research question
  • reliable
  • accessible 

If you are going to search for information using Google, there are techniques you must learn and use, or you will find information that is not relevant, not reliable, and not readable; in other words, TRASH.  The strategies we teach you during this research project will help you when using any database or search engine.  Today, we will practice.

Read each research question.  Think about what you might know about the topic.  Decide upon 3-5 key words you might use to search for information that will help you answer each question.

Outline the life of Walt Whitman.



Dorothea Dix was a great social reformer in America, changing the way we look at illness.    Was there someone in Britain or Europe who did similar work around the same time?



Sierpinski’s triangle is a very interesting concept in mathematics.  What is its origin and how do we use it today?



Civilizations have used beadwork throughout history.  Compare and contrast the use of beads by two different civilizations from their ancient times to today.



What impact did cotton have on the American Civil War?



The clothing people wore in ancient times tells us a great deal about the plants and animals that lived in their region.  Pick an ancient civilization and discover and verify what plants and animals were available to it based on the clothes they wore. 



What were the events and circumstances that led up to World War I?


What are all the different ways we use the body parts of the cow in agriculture and industry? 


Did ancient people in South and Central America have written language?


 Did Henry Ford invent the car?